How I use social media to engage with my audience (and why Twitter still wins)

Externalize your expertise and pick between Twitter and LinkedIn!

You work hard, full-time jobs, like most of us. Step by step, become more professional and look at how to get outside your internalized information bubble.

Fortunately, it’s much easier now in the post-pandemic world! Let me share my story, how I got from 0 to 1000 Twitter followers and how that changed my perception of the world.

LinkedIn – corporate Facebook

I am on LinkedIn every day. Do I look for insightful content over there? Not really. I don’t think see it as the ultimate platform for professional communication. It is perfect for job-related tasks, checking on the progress of your colleagues, and getting some fast-food factor news. Nothing much more than that, in my opinion. Since we use our real identities there, people are not keen on truly discussing or challenging the status quo. The content usually is a couple of days/weeks old. LinkedIn has its merits, but I would not invest much time in promoting yourself there as the primary choice.

Instagram, Tiktok, and others

Simply forget it. Unless you’re a full-time blogger, it will not bring you anything you want for professional recognition. Why do I link to my Instagram profile, then? I like to show a bit of my personal taste or hobby in photography. Nothing more than that!

Twitter – is still the king!

I could be biased, but the numbers don’t lie. We live in a fast-paced world. You need to be on time with your comments. Preparing 2 minutes video will take up to two hours, and you will be instantly rewarded by your present and future community.

Twitter analytics for my (piotrdz) account.
Twitter analytics for my account.

YouTube and Reddit

Yes, great places to repost the content 🙂 Youtube is great when you want to provide the director’s cut of your content. Reddit will let you target a very specific audience.

Ok, can you prove it?

Of course, let me show you one of the posts I created.

I wanted to showcase a new blockchain wallet – CasperDash working with a cold storage key manager called Ledger X. The best way to do this is to record a short video which I did. I used my cellphones, laptop, and Final Cut Pro. It took me 1 hour to record/edit and produce 2 minutes short video.

Final Cut Pro editing screen for the Casper blockchain video.


I had my video ready, and I’ve added a short Twitter post content to make it more engaging with all the ‘mentions’ and ‘hashtags’ I needed. Time to publish!

Statistics and Analytics

After less than two days of being online, let me show you what this post looks like.

Twitter Analitics
Twitter Analytics

Youtube and Reddit

Since you already have something at your hands, why not amplify it on other media channels? My tactic is to re-upload to YouTube and share the links on other platforms.

Youtube video with CasperDash content
Reddit post

Analytics from Youtube

It’s not as impressive, but this content will stay and will be better indexed for future searches

Youtube Analytics
YouTube Analytics

Final words

You see my strategy. I strongly recommend starting with Twitter and using other social media platforms for reposts. And LinkedIn? Save it to talk to recruiters!

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